This will be my first “This Weeks Inspiration” on my own blog. Something I took an initiative to do, when I was working for both BBDO and DDB.  The idea is to spread the knowledge of certain graphic designers, design studios, advertising agencies etc. To be an inspiration. Everything we do in terms of graphic design, advertising etc is based on the foundation of others and their achievements. With the knowledge of this, we all will keep on growing and get inspired to do new great things. First out is the brilliant graphic artist, Barney Bubbles.

Colin Fulcher aka Barney Bubbles (July 1942 – Nov 1983) was a radical English graphic artist, whose work primarily encompassed the disciplines of graphic design, painting and music video direction. He is most renowned for his distinctive contribution to the graphic design associated with the British independent music scene during the 1970s and early 1980s. His symbol-laden and riddle-laden record sleeves were his most visible output. He suffered from bipolar disorder. Born in Tranmere Road, Whitton, Middlesex in July 1942, he committed suicide in London in November 1983.

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