There are moments when you just stumble upon a company website, and within a few seconds you know that this is a company you want to work for. It´s in the immediate emotional response to what you see and read on the screen and how it effects you. It´s never just about the work, it´s about the wholeness. It took me very few seconds to know that I want to work for Sid Lee.

Why? I love Sid Lee´s philosophy of diversity being the key to success. Something I believe in strongly myself after my years in Australia and Latvia. I love that Sid Lee have offices in both Europe and Canada. I love that Sid Lee started as a response to the hardship of being recognised in the industry. I love Sid Lee´s global/multicultural structure. And last but not least, I love Sid Lee´s work. I believe that my creative mindset, international background and conceptual skills would fit in the Sid Lee universe. So, get me onboard Sid Lee!