I like this idea. I have felt for some time that a flexible corporate identity is the way to go. It adds so much more to your identity.

“Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, a design agency in Hamburg, Germany, won a Gold Design Lion for their corporate web site at Cannes International Advertising Festival, following on from the Gold Design Lion awarded in 2009 for their corporate identity development. The corporate identity, consisting of three pillars, was based on the realisation that the lengths of the three partners names were in direct proportion to their respective heights. The corporate site was designed around the logo, taking a 2 dimensional framework and enhancing it as an interactive, 3-dimensional object, while ensuring that the site provided overall information, facts, articles and cases studies in an entertaining and surprising way. The corporate identity was given the ability to freely float and move in space and to constantly change, but always following the guiding concept of colours and the three bars.” (via The Inspiration Room)