September 2010

This is yet another book cover design I have made for the french publishing house Le Retour Aux Sources. “Manuel de L`heretique” presents several critical thoughts on political correctness. The book draws parallels between pc and the burning of heretics in the past as a tool to protect a social order from the danger of telling the truth to the people. The concept is based on an image of a burning & ducktaped dollhead, to communicate how society/governments treats us as puppets to make sure that the truth is not coming out via pc.

Great intro….

Sad to hear that Tony Curtis has passed away. I will always remember him the most from the great tv-show “The Persuaders!” (1971-1972) with Roger Moore. Hope you will have a ball in the afterlife. Rest in peace.

Frank Sinatra as Angelo Maggio in his Oscar performance  in “From Here To Eternity”. A true war movie classic. A must see.

Ahhh…. another classic intro to a great cop show.

To celebrate the centennial of one of the most prestigious rodeos in the West, the Pendleton Round-Up, Western Crossings, the Let’er Buck Cologne has been introduced as its official fragrance. Launched on September 15th during the Centennial Round-Up event, the identity, packaging and all campaign materials were created by Portland’s Brewhouse Studio. The packaging commemorates the one hundred year anniversary of the legendary rodeo; in keeping with the nostalgia of the Round-Up’s history, the product name is synonymous with the historical event; and the logo features the iconic bucking horse (a registered trademark of the Round-Up). The bottle stands in a durable metal base, secured with a metal cap. (via Communication Arts)

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