January 2011

Bloody brilliant.

A beautiful piece from John Barry.

A really nice retro packaging.

Few family recipes carry a jail sentence, but for the Johnson family it was a way of life; with the law on his heels, Junior ran the finest moonshine to the dry rural south. This somewhat refined moonshine from Junior Johnson’s family recipe is a triple distilled, lower proof and more legal version of the original. As smooth as premium vodka, it’s grain neutral and virtually odorless and tasteless. Drawing inspiration from the design of Johnson’s cars, used for running in the 1930s and ’40s, Shane Cranford Creative (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) kept the packaging simple and bold. Midnight Moonshine is sold on the east and west coasts (in Tennessee, New York, Florida, California and Washington) and will eventually include a fruit-infused line. (via Communication Arts)


R.I.P John Barry.



I am intrigued by Mr. Bogusky´s idea on a consumer revolution.



A great piece from Michael Beirut.


When in Stockholm, I recommend you to visit Fotografiska. A very impressive place for photography.


She is winning me over more and more….

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