April 2011


A very nice solution and execution.

Chris Tarry is an accomplished author and a highly distinguished jazz musician. The challenge was to package his latest CD, Rest of the Story in a way that highlighted both of these talents and reflected the creativity of his work. Rethink Canada answered the brief by turning the packaging into a book of Tarry’s short stories. The illustrations first set the stage and draw the reader into the stories, while the album’s musical landscape completes the picture—and becomes the rest of the story. The thoughtfulness of Tarry’s work echos in every aspect of the packaging, from the detailed drawings to the foil lettering and silver ribbon marker and, as an extra twist, the CD lies at the bottom of a large die-cut hole in the book, mirroring the fall of the character from the cover illustration. (via Communication Arts)

Brilliant. A summer song.

Good stuff!!!

“Defamiliarize the ordinary.”



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