February 2012

AMC has released the official poster for the fifth season of its hit television series ‘Mad Men’. The poster features Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, peering into a store window where two mannequins are re-enacting married life.

The female mannequin is left naked as its clothes have dropped to the floor, while a male mannequin wearing a smoking jacket sits in a chair ‘looking’ at the naked female mannequin—and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Don Draper isn’t entirely sold by the idea. The two-hour season premiere—directed by Jon Hamm himself—debuts on Sunday, 25 March 2012. The show’s executive producer Matthew Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter that the two-hour episode is liken to a “‘Mad Men’ movie”.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to think it’s two episodes spliced together. There is a story that starts in the middle of it [but otherwise] it’s one story. The beginning and the ending are related to each other,” he said. (via Designtaxi)

The three slightly failed criminals, Willy (Dick Rude), Norwood (Sy Richardson) and Simms (Joe Strummer) are on a escape route to Mexico after a bankjob together with the whiny pregnant Velma (Courtney Love). They are escaping the wrath of their boss, Amos Dade (Jim Jarmusch) after failing a job. In the desert their car breaks down due to Simms having filled the gasoline tank with diesel by mistake. They then bury their suitcase of money in the desert and begin to walk towards a small town at sunset. By the look of it the town seems to be a sleepy place with all sorts of strange characters. But, the next day a few trucks arrives with a bunch of loud cowboys dressed in Mexican cowboyclothes carrying espresso machines with them. Willy, Norwood and Simms decides to stay, but soon enough they are confronted by some of the cowboys who do not like strangers in their little town. Eventually, they are ultimately welcomed by the townspeople. The head honcho of the town, Tim McMahon (Biff Yeager), invites the gang to a party that evening. And suddenly the rumour is out that Willy, Norwood and Simms has money buried. They end up having to protect the money. Not only from the townspeople, but as well from eachother….

Alex Cox “Straight To Hell” is another one of Cox quite strange cinematic sagas. I do like “Repo Man” the best if I may say so. Nevertheless, I had not listen to the excellent The Pogues for quite some time and went through their backcatalogue just recently and it hit me I saw them in “Straight To Hell” back in the 80s. And hey, time to resee it! It is a strange parody on Spaghetti Westerns, based on Giulio Questis Spaghetti Western film, Django, Kill! (If You Live, Shoot!) (1967), which Cox was given permission to adapt. I reckon if the humour would have been toned down a bit, “Straight To Hell” would have worked better. With a massive list of wellknown faces; Courtney Love, Joe Strummer, The Pogues, Elvis Costello, Amazulu, Dennis Hopper, Jim Jarmusch and Grace Jones it is a treat per se. But, the movie is too “sloppy”, unorganized with a halfassed script and as said with a touch of too much slapstick gags. But, still fun to watch. (2 and a half out of 5)

As children, Nick (Jakob Cedergren) and his little brother took care of their baby brother while their alcoholic mother cared only for the next drink. But the baby died, and the brothers blamed themselves for the incident. Many years later, Nick is out of prison after serving time for an assault. He drinks, lives in a shelter and tries to help an old friend. When their mother dies, Nick finally meets his brother (Peter Plaugborg) at the funeral. The brother is a single father to a young boy, but also supports a drug habit that is spiraling out of control. When an opportunity presents itself, he becomes a drug dealer to secure his son’s future. Eventually, the two brothers meet again..

By looking at the raving reviews for “Submarino” it seemed that Thomas Vinterberg had yet another great cinematic experience up his sleeve. However, I am afraid that I am not one of the those throwing my hands in the air for “Submarino”. My perception of what I saw, was a clichefilled movie with a stereotypical charactergallery that did not really grab me despite the tragic storyline. Nicks actions makes seldom sense and that goes for his brother as well. Its like Vinterberg tries “to hard” to show the gritty and ugly side of life in the wake of a tragedy, and what we get is something that feels a bit limp, overworked, seen and obvious. I was hoping for something else. I was not moved emotionally the way I was hoping for. Hence my disappointment. (3 out of 5)

Great idea from Chicago-based industrial designer Eddie Gandelman. TEA thermos is a thermos for tea lovers that comes with a timer and spool. The clever concept design, called ‘TEA Thermos’ uses a rotating timer mechanism connected to a spool. All you simply have to do is clip on the tea bag and set your desired time. When the timer dial inches towards ‘zero’, the spool retracts the tea bag out of the water, resulting in tea brewed to perfection! (via Designtaxi)


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Robbie Williams has said that he is “ready for a fight” with his new solo album. The singer released his last studio album, ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’, in 2009 but revealed on his official blog that he has started working on new material for his next solo effort.

Williams, who said that his recording sessions would be taking place in a studio in Malibu, America, wrote: I’m ready for a fight and I think this batch of tunes will make for excellent knuckle dusters. In October last year, Williams confirmed that he had signed with Universal Music to record his ninth solo album. He put his solo career on hold to work with his old band Take That on their 2010 LP ‘Progress’, but subsequently admitted that his “ego” would inspire him to leave the group for a second time. He first quit the band to pursue a solo career in 1995. (via NME)

Happy Mondays have been added as one of the headliners to this year’s Camp Bestival. The Manchester band, who recently reformed with their original line-up, will play on the final night of the three-day bash on July 29 at Lulworth Castle in Dorset.

Frontman Shaun Ryder said: Me and the band are mega-excited to be playing at Camp Bestival. We have heard the crowd are amazing and we will definitely put on a great show.

They join previously announced headliner Hot Chip, who play on the festival’s opening night (July 27). Dodgy, Little Roy and The 2 Bears, Redlight, Josh Kumra, Ryan Keen and Jenny O have also been added to the bill. For more information head to Campbestival.net Happy Mondays are due to play 11 dates including a homecoming show at Manchester Evening News Arena, with support coming from Inspiral Carpets in May. Rumours of a Happy Mondays reunion first circulated in early December, when a report claimed that they were set to reform for a full tour and documentary in 2012. (via NME)

Having pushed away the hype concerning this trilogy, mostly because I am not really a fan of the crime genre, I have actually red it now. I am probably the last one in the world having done that. I saw the two first parts of the swedish movie adaptations, but not that third one. Not really liking the cast foremost. But, when I red that David Fincher would be doing an american version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” I was keen to see how he grasped the storyline and who he would cast in the main character roles. To me the american version was much much better with a brilliant Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. Thus, I felt an urge to actually read the books after having seen Fincher’s version. And after having gone through”The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” I am of the strong opinion that the only part that really holds up is “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. Great story with interesting characters based on a cliffhanger structure. The other parts are hardly that intriguing or for that matter very well written. Just very average crime stories. He kind of wrecks the characters as well. I reckon “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” has such a transport stretch into nothingness it’s almost a stand alone achievement from Stig Larsson. So, I can’t really understand the hype concerning this trilogy. We’ll see if we get to see more of Rooney Mara as Salander. That I hope for.



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