The three slightly failed criminals, Willy (Dick Rude), Norwood (Sy Richardson) and Simms (Joe Strummer) are on a escape route to Mexico after a bankjob together with the whiny pregnant Velma (Courtney Love). They are escaping the wrath of their boss, Amos Dade (Jim Jarmusch) after failing a job. In the desert their car breaks down due to Simms having filled the gasoline tank with diesel by mistake. They then bury their suitcase of money in the desert and begin to walk towards a small town at sunset. By the look of it the town seems to be a sleepy place with all sorts of strange characters. But, the next day a few trucks arrives with a bunch of loud cowboys dressed in Mexican cowboyclothes carrying espresso machines with them. Willy, Norwood and Simms decides to stay, but soon enough they are confronted by some of the cowboys who do not like strangers in their little town. Eventually, they are ultimately welcomed by the townspeople. The head honcho of the town, Tim McMahon (Biff Yeager), invites the gang to a party that evening. And suddenly the rumour is out that Willy, Norwood and Simms has money buried. They end up having to protect the money. Not only from the townspeople, but as well from eachother….

Alex Cox “Straight To Hell” is another one of Cox quite strange cinematic sagas. I do like “Repo Man” the best if I may say so. Nevertheless, I had not listen to the excellent The Pogues for quite some time and went through their backcatalogue just recently and it hit me I saw them in “Straight To Hell” back in the 80s. And hey, time to resee it! It is a strange parody on Spaghetti Westerns, based on Giulio Questis Spaghetti Western film, Django, Kill! (If You Live, Shoot!) (1967), which Cox was given permission to adapt. I reckon if the humour would have been toned down a bit, “Straight To Hell” would have worked better. With a massive list of wellknown faces; Courtney Love, Joe Strummer, The Pogues, Elvis Costello, Amazulu, Dennis Hopper, Jim Jarmusch and Grace Jones it is a treat per se. But, the movie is too “sloppy”, unorganized with a halfassed script and as said with a touch of too much slapstick gags. But, still fun to watch. (2 and a half out of 5)