February 2012



Break soap by Dave Hakkens.

Alphabet Topography by Caspar Lam and YuJune Park.


San Francisco-based art director Rinee Shah has created a series of stylish illustrations titled ‘Seinfood’ inspired by the popular Seinfeld sitcom.





In medieval Europe a thief, Philipe “The Mouse” Gastone (Matthew Broderick) escapes the dungeons of Aquila, setting in motion a chain of events that may save or destroy a beautiful woman, Isabeau d’Anjou (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her lover Captain Etienne Navarre (Rutger Hauer). The two lovers are doomed to lifelong separation by a demonic curse invoked by the corrupt and jealous Bishop of Aquila: by day Isabeau is transformed into a hawk, while at night Navarre becomes a black wolf. Captain Navarre want Phillipe to help him get inside of Aquila to be able to kill the Bishop. But, Imperius, the monk who drunkenly betrayed their love to the Bishop, has found a way to break the curse. But, only if he and Philipe can get them back into Aquila to face the Bishop during a specific day where the night is day and the day is night…

Been ages ago since I saw Richard Donners “Ladyhawke”. I reckon 86-87. As far as I remember I liked “Ladyhawke” and Rutger did yet another cool character. The latter is true, but “Ladyhawke” has not aged very well. First of all, the soundtrack is a story by itself. It has been critizised and by all means it should be. The new wave pop style soundtrack does not fit the story and movie at all. An experiment that did not work out I would say. I reckon it is even more evident today then in 1985. I was as well kind of struck by the fact that the movie is a bit slapsticky and not in a good way. Matthew Broderick does not convince me as Mouse and Michelle Pfeiffer has not very much to work with. But, yes Pfeiffer looks stunning and she fits in her short hair. And Rutger is cool as always. The story is nice, but the execution is not 100% in my book. And as said, age is a factor when looking at this movie. (3 out of 5)

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