June 2012

Yet another playful, fun and rememerable ad campaign. Love the moonlanding one. This is up my alley from DraftFCB, New York.

Kraft celebrated the Oreo brand’s 100th anniversary in March 2012 with a print advertising campaign using Oreo cookies and a glass to illustrate significant dates from the last century. The History campaign, appearing in print, billboards, Facebook, was centred on a microsite, http://www.oreo.com/birthday. Here is some of the ads. (Via The Inspiration Room)

I like when you expand on a concept like this. Its fun, entertaining and creates a great buzz around a brand.

Cadbury has linked the Joyville concept with a 1913 historic steam engine turning up at train stations today in Sydney, Australia. The purple train, complete with white candy stripes and gold accents, stopped in Redfern, Central and Strathfield stations, with nine Joyville workers dressed in purple and white sharing thousands of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate products with commuters. The Joyville Train follows the introduction of Marvellous Creations in supermarkets across Australia and is centred online at joyville.com.au.

Ben Wicks, General Manager Marketing Chocolate for Cadbury Dairy Milk, said the Joyville Train is all about bringing joy to people’s lives and demonstrating that Joyville really does exist. “The Joyville Train is one of the rare glimpses into the mythical land of Joyville and its joyful inhabitants as they bubble into the real world, sharing joy and magic with everyone they come across. Joy is at the very heart of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and everything we do; the Joyville Train is about amplifying the joy that Cadbury chocolate has been bringing to Australians for decades. We are thrilled to see such an amazing response from the public who have really embraced what Joyville is all about.” (Via The Inspiration Room)


Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg has developed a stylish concept design for Apple’s eagerly anticipated iWatch. Kjellberg’s design features an iWatch with FaceTime capabilities; it has an 8-megapixel camera built into the face of the watch that is also able to record videos in HD. The watch will be equipped with a ‘Retina Multi-Touch display’, allowing users to switch between the time, iTunes, Google Maps and other apps that are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It will also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities—allowing users to stream music to their headphones. (via DesignTaxi)


The superheros of Marvel will help us to protect our skin. I kind of like it.

“Marvel is well known for their super hero characters with extraordinary abilities. Upon researching the story lines, the characters become extraordinary when an experiment goes wrong. The concept of extraordinary lead to the shape and form of the packaging—a capsule. When we are feeling under the weather or sick, we pop a capsule/medicine to make us better and we feel extraordinary like we can tackle the world again.The skin care line not only corresponds to the color of each Marvel superhero it represents but also to the extent of SPF it provides, according to the electromagnetic spectrum.” Designed by Paul Capili. (via DesignTaxi)



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