When Mohawk was exclusively a papermaker, the logo was visible only in advertising and on swatchbooks, brochures and ream wraps. Now that Mohawk’s presence is much more prevalent, the new M is the centerpiece of a branding system that signals the changes underway as this 81-year-old company reinvents itself to thrive in today’s digital world. Designed by Pentagram, which also designed the previous two Mohawk logos in 1991 and 2003, the new logo based on the letter M suggests paper rolls, printing presses, circuit boards and connectivity. 

The launch includes more than a dozen color variations of the core logo and the M (with or without the full name) appears in different colors and configurations depending upon whom Mohawk is talking with, where the conversation is taking place, and when, emphasizing Mohawk’s desire to connect with all of its customers. It’s a building block to a dynamic, colorful branding system that speaks to basic concepts of connectivity, connecting the dots, and surprise. Mohawk has also simplified its portfolio of premium paper lines from 22 to 6 and it’s challenging the way paper is specified with the release of a deceptively simple tool. The New Mohawk product selector, the first in a wave of new tools, presents all Mohawk papers in one place. Designed and engineered by Michael McGinn Design Office, the selector opens to three accordion fold charts, each containing several dozen oversize paper chips. Together, they organize the papers into three broad categories based on performance, character and value. An accompanying booklet, “The New Mohawk,” is the simplified guide to all items in the newly organized lines. (via Communication Arts)