It´s interesting how certain bands makes a strong impact on you. Bands that you keep coming back to. Some of my bands are The Police, Steely Dan, AC/DC, Simple Minds etc. Bands that defines you as a person. And one band that defines me in many ways is Pearl Jam. I still remember vividly the summer of 1991 when I first heard about Nirvana from glossy music magazines and through radio. No internet back then… Grunge was on the uprise. I was 19 years old. I was mesmerized. Then came “Alive” with Pearl Jam and turned my musiclife upside down. “Ten” became my soundtrack of 1992. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains was adding to my life, Seattle’s Big Four. But, I kept coming back to Pearl Jam. Nirvana ended up in the shadows and Kurt with it. Same with Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. While Pearl Jam went from clarity to clarity. “Vs”, “Vitalogy”, “No Code” etc. I love how important integrity is to them. For example taking on Ticketmaster back in 1994. For the fans. For us. They wander with us who love them. They care. They know how it is to be a fan and they have no interest to forget that. 20 years has passed and I can´t believe it. It feels like yday I saw the black and white video to “Alive”. Saw “PJ 20” by Cameron Crowe the other day. I had literally goose bumps throughout bigger part of the documentary. It´s a beautiful piece of film. I revisited my teens through it. My relation with Pearl Jam continues. Eddie, Mike, Stone, Jeff and Matt you are my musical heros. I salute you.