In the northern of Europe (aka Scandinavia) we long for summer every year. It´s like a release when it comes. Well, some people complain when it´s “too hot”… Don´t understand that. It can never be too hot in Scandinavia. I am a summer man. I love the heat, the beach, the sun, varm evenings, girls in summer dresses, sunburnt skin, the smell of sunscreen, cool drinks etc. Despite the fact that I don´t really have the skin for summer. I just need a little time to adjust my skin for it. There are so many plus sides of the summer, but it all comes down to the weather….. When I moved to Australia to study, I knew it was going to be my kind of environment and weather. Tropical climate. 300 days more or less of sun and blue skies. I loved it throughout my years in Australia. That changed me. I realised how good the Australian climate made you feel all year round. We need the sun. More sun. In healthy dosis. It´s a kick for the soul and mind. A really cheap anti depressant with not that many side effects.