July 2012

A documentary short created for Jordan, which tells the story of an all-female basketball team in Iraq. The film is one of four new shorts created as part of the ‘Rise Above’ campaign by digital agency Blast Radius.

The photographic compositions of Claudia Rogge are quite impressive. This is a series of visual where bodies come together in a whirlwind of dramatic compositions recalling paintings of great masters. (via Fubiz)


I was so hoping for a goldmedal or at least a silvermedal for my favourite Emma Johansson in the cycling at the Olympics today. Sweden hasn’t really started the Olympics that well. I am a bit worried in terms of medals this Olympics. Crossing my fingers….



In the northern of Europe (aka Scandinavia) we long for summer every year. It´s like a release when it comes. Well, some people complain when it´s “too hot”… Don´t understand that. It can never be too hot in Scandinavia. I am a summer man. I love the heat, the beach, the sun, varm evenings, girls in summer dresses, sunburnt skin, the smell of sunscreen, cool drinks etc. Despite the fact that I don´t really have the skin for summer. I just need a little time to adjust my skin for it. There are so many plus sides of the summer, but it all comes down to the weather….. When I moved to Australia to study, I knew it was going to be my kind of environment and weather. Tropical climate. 300 days more or less of sun and blue skies. I loved it throughout my years in Australia. That changed me. I realised how good the Australian climate made you feel all year round. We need the sun. More sun. In healthy dosis. It´s a kick for the soul and mind. A really cheap anti depressant with not that many side effects.

“Metro 2033” is a novel written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The year is 2033. The world has been reduced to rubble. Humanity is nearly extinct. The halfdestroyed cities have become uninhabitable through radiation. Beyond their boundaries, they say, lie endless burned-out deserts and the remains of splintered forests. Survivors still remember the past greatness of humankind. But the last remains of civilisation have already become a distant memory, the stuff of myth and legend. More than 20 years have passed since the last plane took off from the earth. Rusted railways lead into emptiness. The ether is void and the airwaves echo to a soulless howling where previously the frequencies were full of news from Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires. Man has handed over stewardship of the earth to new life-forms. Mutated by radiation, they are better adapted to the new world. Man’s time is over. A few score thousand survivors live on, not knowing whether they are the only ones left on earth. They live in the Moscow Metro – the biggest air-raid shelter ever built. It is humanity’s last refuge. Stations have become mini-statelets, their people uniting around ideas, religions, water-filters – or the simple need to repulse an enemy incursion. It is a world without a tomorrow, with no room for dreams, plans, hopes. Feelings have given way to instinct – the most important of which is survival. Survival at any price. VDNKh is the northernmost inhabited station on its line. It was one of the Metro’s best stations and still remains secure. But now a new and terrible threat has appeared. Artyom, a young man living in VDNKh, is given the task of penetrating to the heart of the Metro, to the legendary Polis, to alert everyone to the awful danger and to get help. He holds the future of his native station in his hands, the whole Metro – and maybe the whole of humanity…..

I have this fascination over Russia as a country and the many parts that makes the country to what it is. I reckon it´s an equally mix of positive and negative thoughts. I have red a few russian authors, and I do like what I have red. When encountering “Metro 2033”, I felt I had to get it. The story itself is quite intriguing and at the same time it carries a frightning apocalyptic point of view. But, “Metro 2033” is quite predictable, clichéfilled and not that exciting or suspenseful in my book at least. It wasn´t a struggle to put down the book so to say. More the opposite and the feeling of “get on with it”. Glukhovsky´s idea of mixing in some existential and supernatural thoughts doesn´t work that well. And the ending became more or less just an anticlimax. I know there is a computergame based on the novel, which can for sure be cool. And I guess it´s just a matter of time before we see this on the silverscreen. Nevertheless, I don´t think I will read the follow up to “Metro 2033”.

Happy Mondays are planning a new album, they have confirmed. 
The Manchester band’s management told NME that they are working on a new record, which will be the first time all the original line-up of the band have recorded new an album of new material since 1992’s ‘Yes Please!’. Manager Warren Askew said: “Yes, we are now planning to record a new album, after the success of the tour and with the band all getting on so well. Shaun has been writing and the band have been getting together in the studio putting ideas down. I’m sure it will be a great Happy Mondays album.”

Rumours began to surface today after Shaun Ryder told the Daily Star: “At first there was no chance of the original line-up doing another album and then it went to maybe and now it’s definitely gonna happen.” Now it transpires that work has already begun. In January, Happy Mondays announced they were reuniting their original line-up for a May tour. In February, Bez announced that he wouldn’t be performing with the band on tour, but would instead act as compere and DJ at the shows. 
The band were originally discovered at a Battle Of The Bands at Manchester’s Hacienda in 1985 and went on to release the seminal albums ‘Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)’, ‘Bummed’, and ‘Pills ‘N’ Thrills And Bellyaches’ before disbanding after 1992’s ‘Yes Please!’. They have reunited twice before, most recently in 2004, but without founding members Mark Day, Paul Davis and Paul Ryder. Paul had sworn he wanted nothing to do with the band again when they split for a second time in 2000.

The band have released five albums in total, with their most recent effort ‘Uncle Dysfunktional’ coming out in 2007. (via NME)

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