July 2012

Refreshingly weird from DDB Chicago…

Greenpeace’s latest film aims to raise awareness of the plight of the Arctic polar bears, with a new film that sees a bear wandering homeless around a city with the voice of Jude Law and the music of Radiohead. Great ad.


A new series of ads from EDC Communication for Bacardi explain how various trends, including planking and texting really came about.

A documentary short created for Jordan, which tells the story of an all-female basketball team in Iraq. The film is one of four new shorts created as part of the ‘Rise Above’ campaign by digital agency Blast Radius.

The photographic compositions of Claudia Rogge are quite impressive. This is a series of visual where bodies come together in a whirlwind of dramatic compositions recalling paintings of great masters. (via Fubiz)


I was so hoping for a goldmedal or at least a silvermedal for my favourite Emma Johansson in the cycling at the Olympics today. Sweden hasn’t really started the Olympics that well. I am a bit worried in terms of medals this Olympics. Crossing my fingers….


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