September 2012

The “Ghostbusters” building…

Such a great album..


Bottle and carrier design for a premium Belgian IPA. “The name is from a ship that was built in 1936, which is now a floating museum in Oostende, Belgium. All the ship elements is drawn by hand to get that crafted feeling, then etched into the bottles. The logo is also hand drawn, then embossed into the tag.
Each bottle has it’s own stamp for the lid with the same decoration as etched in front. They are all different, because they are meant to be collectibles. The carry pack is similar crafted as an old ship box, with a hole to see the etching.” (via The Dieline)

Lovely idea and execution.

“Bob grows his own organic peppers and makes small batches of his hot sauce and jelly every year. These are sold to a small number of regulars, friends, family, and perhaps at a farmers’ market or two. I was really excited about the homegrown, basic, family-centric nature of the product and wanted to create a packaging that reflected those values.

The biggest limitation was that Bob needed to be able to get these labels made, year after year, without fancy offset printers or high-budget production methods. Rubber stamps, therefore seemed to be the perfect solution for producing a small quantity of labels efficiently and at home. The uneven inking of the stamp and the natural texture of the yellow craft paper speak to his homegrown, homemade product. These labels were produced and are being used for the 2012 harvest batches.” (via The Dieline)

Love the use of a rubber stamp on the labels. Really back to basics and so aesthetically appealing.

South Carolina-based artist Hollis Brown Thornton brings us back to the ’80s with his images of VHS tapes and Atari game cartridges. (via Design Milk)


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