January 2013

Such a great tune!








Pentagram’s partner Michael Bierut has redesigned music industry magazine Billboard, creating a new identity and editorial format for the magazine. The magazine’s 1966 logo has been replaced with a brand new one, that has been set entirely in lower-case with tighter spacing in-between each letter.

The colored circles in the logo have also been dropped—making the print version look more “grown-up” and “serious”—however, the color version of the logo will still be used on the Billboard website and in its marketing materials, according to Pentagram. The editorial layout of the magazine has also been reorganized and restructured—“Headers are paired with graphic bars inspired by the charts. Page layouts are opened up, with graphs, pull quotes and other data appearing in the margins,” said the design studio. Another major part of the redesign was to remake the magazine’s charts to be more “easily understood”.

The new layout for the magazine will hit newsstands on 26 January 2013.


I am sending my prayers and thoughts to my beloved Queensland, hit by floods yet again. Will this never end?

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