January 2013

Housed in the refrigeration room of a former Soviet-era bakery, the brick and concrete interiors of Sever Bar in St. Petersburg is harsh, stark and industrial. After deciding to keep the authentic atmosphere of the space, the owners added softer, friendlier details—such as a cool neon sign—to bring this vintage space into the present. The latest addition to an artistic hub that includes galleries, exhibition spaces, a bookstore and a café, several notable artists could be found dishing out drinks from behind the bar. (via DesignTaxi)


Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies, Inc. has unveiled a transparent smartphone. In pictures, the prototype that could change the smartphone industry has a smaller screen and a power glass. The power glass powers the film in the middle, that is encapsulated by a touch glass casing. Processors and components are still clearly visible at the edges of the phone, as technology does not yet support their transparent designs. (via DesignTaxi)


All I can say on sunday is…… Go 49ers!!!







Great tune. Love it.

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