Greenchamp bikes are bamboo-crafted balance bicycle for kids from 18-months through 5-years-old. The pint-sized product stems from the belief that children’s toys should be made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. maintaining a lightweight and super durable frame ensures easy maneuvering for youngsters who are first learning to ride. Greenchamp uses two specially developed technologies during production: honey is infused into the bamboo fiber to prevent cracking, while frames are double-walled (that is, bamboo is fused between two bamboo walls to ensure the durability of the bike). Nature-based joints and bamboo framework promote the smoothest ride possible for one’s child. the vibration dampening effects of the natural materials compliment a toddler’s riding style for a glide-like feeling with maximum comfort. The bikes will be available on kickstarter beginning may 30th, 2014. (via DesignBoom)

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