August 2014


Never really been a wrestling fan, but I do remember watching it back in the end of the 80s on tv with Hulk Hogan, André the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Macho Man, Hacksaw Duggan etc. But, I have never seen it live and direct so to speak. I finally did last night. And what a night it was. It was just so over the top crazy as I hoped it would be. A magic and different night with a very husky voice as a result of all the screaming.



Hungarian designer and visual artist Kissmilkos was commissioned to create a sophisticated bohemian brand and atmosphere for Trafiq, one of the newest bars in downtown Budapest. The goal was to revive the vibe of the late 19th to early 20th century, while reinterpreting a vintage style mixed with a modern atmosphere. To accomplish this, Kissmilkos created everything from the branding, to interior graphics, to the restaurant’s packaging.  A “trafik” was a type of tiny shop selling tobacco, sweets, newspapers, toys, and other knickknacks, and was a real treasure island for children. I’ve purposely created an image that conveys this specific atmosphere. The typography resembles of  newspaper fonts, french playing cards – the essential accessories of early 20th century clubs and the typical souvenirs of a “trafik”.

The Logo: “The logo is based on a roman-type font, and is mixed with a playful, classic ligature. The logotype contains the address of the venue. This provides an easier form of communication and unifies the typographic language, moreover ,it determines its style. Nevertheless, the typographic language tends to reach beyond the boundaries of a logo and of various graphic elements, and becomes the concept itself, the interior’s distinguishable cornerstone.”

The Restrooms: “Simplistic restroom graffiti collected from anglo-saxon countries, and separated by genders. Their content was not altered, although they are presented in an elegant, footed, and classical antiqua that conjures an intense paradox and basically gives life to an artistic concept; moreover, it gives an iconic edge to its location.”

The Posters: “Humorous, framed texts referring to sexuality, night-time entertainment, and getting tipsy, all interpreted in the language of contemporary typography. These texts, at least to an extent, resemble both the philosophy of late 19th – early 20th century artists and the atmosphere of bohemian saloons independent from high-nosed institutions.”

The Packaging: “The concept of the packaging is based on the formerly described world of “trafiks”, and puts simple, playful ideas into practice – such as hard-pack cigarette boxes and matchboxes. Regardless, it’s still remaining elegant, and follows the visual path carved by trafiq’s image. (via The Dieline)

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The schiller sport inc. ‘X1 water bike’ is a further development of the water bike project, the ‘baycycle‘ which created a new form of cycling by attaching a bicycle onto an inflated base. The 45 lb bicycle is constructed from anodized aluminum as well as stainless steel, and offers maximum user safety thanks to its two inflatable pontoons. The twin oscillating propellers are controlled by a rudderless handlebar steering system that allows the rider to turn left and right, as well as being one of only a few velocipedes that goes in reverse. an exhilarating and dynamic, yet safe experience is produced as speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour (10 mph) can be reached.

Only 250 ‘X1 water bikes’ will be manufactured with all of them having interchangeable saddle, handlebar, crank and pedal components. the stable bicycle is available in a variety of colors and has a pure rotary motion system that maximizes the conversion of energy to propulsion. this 100% human powered device means no fuel is required thus there are zero emissions to impact on the environment. Schiller sport’s product is even more eco-friendly as it is easy to transport, assembly and breakdown because it takes less than ten minutes to put together and disassemble for being stored in the trunk of a car.

‘From the outset, our goal was to design and manufacture the most advanced production water bike ever created. The x1 is the reflection of an all-star team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen working together with cycling and water sport experts to invent something the world has never seen,’ said founder and ceo, Judah Schiller. ‘The time has come at last for people to experience the thrill and freedom of biking across a spectacular blue planet.’ The water bike features a watertight storage compartment for valuables and offers a safe and exciting new way of cycling. (via Design Boom)

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