Love Natalia Rak´s style of streetart predominantly huge wall paintings.

Born in 1986. She is a graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz with a Diploma of Spatial and Poster Design in Professor Sławomir Iwański atelier. Mostly associated with streetart. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Poland. Her first Streetart Auction in Poland was at the Rempex Gallery in Warsaw. She mostly paints the many faces of women. In her colorful paintings she tries to create a mood, mystery and metaphors.

Blind Man's Bluff 79X109 cm Natalia Rak small 9af4991fa4bdcc8e-rendezvous_by_nataliarakd59a58u check_mat_by_nataliarak-d53nn6d f21a59fd8d079874-lettherebelight fots_mural_2013_026 image(10) inglorious_bastard_by_nataliarak-d6xjl9t magic_book_by_nataliarak-d7knase