November 2014

Goose bumps! My strong belief that JJ. Abrams will deliver is as strong as ever.

The new singles from AC/DC. They rock in a classic AC/DC way, but the videos are less rocking.

The ‘Hush earplugs’, a pair of wireless earplugs that not only blocks out the noise from your surroundings to give you peaceful sleep, but also wakes you up with its in-built alarm that you can customize via the accompanying iOS and Android apps on your smartphone. You can also control these earplugs to play soothing ambient sounds for a more enjoyable rest. Made with memory form and silicone padding for a comfortable fit, the Hush earplugs are designed for those who yearn for a quick and peaceful retreat amidst a noisy environment, such as travelers and students. (via Design Taxi)

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If you are into vintage cameras, Collection Appareils is a fascinating online archive that showcases more than 10,000 different kinds of analog cameras from the history of photography. French camera collector Sylvain Halgand has been running the site since 1999, and owns a personal collection of 1,800 cameras. Each camera featured is accompanied by a photograph and a short write-up of its historical and technical data. (via Design Taxi)

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Elsa Sophie Gambard

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Love this 8-bit game.

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