Whether it is deliberately or subconsciously, works and styles of the past always have their way of influencing the ways that we form our creations today. This shows the power of design, as it can present new concepts in a manner that shows respect for its predecessors. With this mindset, Catherine Denoyelle and Assia Quétin have crafted ‘monde riant’ for pa design.

The project has been developed in ode to the famous dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. By taking his minimal and timeless technique and applying it to the stationery, each sticky note block has its own character defined by dimensions and color. This simplicity is enhanced by the fact that the pieces are divided by the black base structure, which replicates the artist’s solid bars that would direct his compositions. (via Design Boom)

pa-design-monde-riant-mondrian-sticky-notes-catherine-denoyelle-assia-quetin-designboom-05 pa-design-monde-riant-mondrian-sticky-notes-catherine-denoyelle-assia-quetin-designboom-02