Damned (2011) introduced us to 13-year-old Madison Spencer, newly arrived in Hell after her death; as she tried to figure out what exactly happened to her, she took us on an exciting and often very funny tour of Hell. Now, in the sequel “Doomed” (2013), Madison is back on Earth, stranded there on Halloween, facing the prospect of spending an entire year as a ghost among the living. The sequel gives us a clearer view of Madison’s childhood and explains why she was damned to Hell. I liked “Damned” that allowed us to take a ride in Hell with Madison, obviously inspired to Dantes “Inferno”, but with that classic Palahniuk twist of vile environments and evil behaviour. The hellish travelogue structure was intriguing and you wanted to find out where it would take Madison. In “Doomed” we get a better understanding of Madison´s damnation and Palahniuk takes further swings at religion, Hollywood parenting, teen difficulties and global hypocrisy. Palahniuk’s satire works for the most, but in the case with “Doomed” it becomes a stretch as he drags out the story in a set of some sort of long tweets that speaks to different people via social network channels. I don´t think Palahniuk manages to keep this one together and entertain with his twisted writing that normally is of my liking. This becomes a bit of a question mark and it´s hardly Palahniuk´s best work. I can only hope that third and final chapter of Madison Spencer´s trip on the other side is much better.