November 2015

Lorraine Loots, an expert at creating tiny art “for ants,” is back with a new series of mind-bogglingly small (and beautiful) paintings of animals, space, and her favorite books.

She plans to create 100 mini paintings and drawings throughout 2015, drawing them on themed days of the week – “Microcosm Mondays,” “Tiny Tuesdays,” “Fursdays” and “Free Fridays.” (via Twitika)

To me this is very attractive. Lovely bare feet, black nail polish, nice hair cut, piercing blue eyes, toned down make up, colourful dress. She looks fantastic.



This is what the typographic future of computers looked like in the 1960s and ’70s. (via FontShop)

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The Japanese emporium Muji opens a sprawling new NYC flagship this week—the company’s eleventh US store—in a prime location on Fifth Avenue across from the New York Public Library. With two floors and nearly 12,000 sq ft at its disposal, the store is Muji’s largest in North America and offers several new services (a scent bar, embroidery station) and collections (kids’ apparel) that haven’t previously been available in the States, as well as exclusive items like natural-material knitwear and animal-themed printed children’s’ clothing.

Exposed-brick walls, wood shelving and potted plants scattered throughout serve as a contrast to the brand’s streamlined, minimalist collection of living essentials—everything from toasters and rice cookers to suitcases—lending the space a warm, inviting feel. Highlights exclusive to Fifth Avenue include three personalisation stations: the Aroma Lab, where visitors can create a bespoke home fragrance blended on the spot for use in the brand’s popular diffusers; an embroidery station, where over 100 designs — including a cheese burger, Mount Fuji, the New York taxi cab and letters — can be added to textiles or clothing; and a rubber stamp bar, where shoppers can personalise Muji’s arsenal of paper goods and gift bags with a range of playful stamps.

The boutique also features an expanded area dedicated to Found Muji. Here, visitors can persue Muji’s ongoing collection of curated artisanal and utilitarian everyday objects and homewares inspired by different cultures around the world. For the opening, the Fifth Avenue space’s Found selection showcases utilitarian glassware, textiles and ceramics inspired by the Basque region. (via Wallpaper)


Safecracker Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) is released after spending 12 years in prison and seeks payment for refusing to rat out his boss Ivan Fontaine (Demián Bichir). He reunites with his best friend Dickie (Richard E. Grant) and they travel to Fontaine’s villa in the French countryside. Dom flirts with Fontaine’s Romanian girlfriend Paolina (M?d?lina Diana Ghenea) and becomes angry that he spent 12 years in jail for Fontaine. He begins to mock Fontaine and storms out. At dinner, he apologises and Fontaine presents Dom with £750,000. They spend the night partying with two girls, one of whom, Melody (Kerry Condon) strikes up a conversation with Dom. When the group go driving in Fontaine’s car, they crash into another car. While unconscious, Dom has a vision of Paolina asking for his money. He wakes up, resuscitates Melody, and finds Fontaine impaled on the car’s fender. Dom and Dickie head back to the mansion, where they find Paolina has taken Dom’s money, but they see her leaving in a car. Dom runs through the forest and onto the road, where he is almost hit by Paolina. She asks him if she looks like a woman who wants to be poor and drives away. The foul-mouthed Dom has suddenly lost the money he spent 12 years in prison for and he will not accept this turn of events…

“Dom Hemingway” has received mixed reviews, and Rotten Tomatoes stated: “Jude Law is clearly having fun in Dom Hemingway’s title role, but viewers may find this purposely abrasive gangster dramedy isn’t quite as enjoyable from the other side of the screen.” Without no doubt, Law is having a ball as the foul-mouthed anger management ready Dom, but I think it works. The craziness built up between Dom and Richard E. Grant´s Dickie is over the top, but there´s dynamics and the two do give us a performance you will remember. I liked the somewhat witty and foul dialogue, with a serious hint to Guy Ritchie and the anti hero antics of Dom is a tad bit “fresh” in my eyes, but he´s hardly likeable. He´s a drunk, a drug addict, a jailbird, a criminal, a bad father, a bad husband and a self-centred man with a huge narcissistic complex. Not someone you cheer for. And that´s not the idea either, despite the fact that the movie ends on a positive note for Dom. I think “Dom Hemingway” is enjoyable compared to what Rotten Tomatoes think. (3 out of 5)


Rita (Eva Röse) works as a dog groomer at a small salon in the southern part of Stockholm. In the little spare time she has, she takes care of her very demanding aunt Edith (Lena Nyman). The days are long and strenuous for Rita who feel constricted in her situation and she dreams of a life of her own with love and affection. Via the help of the caretaker Samir (Eagle-Eye Cherry), Rita manages to take some time off for a weekend in order to seek guidance on how she can change her life at a resort. Knut (Niklas Engdahl) works as journalist for a yellow press newspaper. He moves freely and easily in the centre of Stockholm and is pretty much high on himself. Then the editor in chief sends Knut on a mission to write about fuzzy roads to self-fulfillment at the same resort Rita has gone to. And this is where he meets her and his life takes new turns he couldn´t have imagined earlier…

“Att Göra En Pudel” (“White Trash”) is a simple, funny, sad but yet endearing and lovely little film I must say. The notion of wanting to change, grasp for something new and the wish to be loved and seen for who you are is the message here and it´s communicated well in a sort of “Amelie” way. Eva Röse is convincing as the too kind and lost for love Rita with her colourful clothes, makeup and hairdo. Eva Röse has been a personal favourite for many years and she has this magnificent radiant looks and a smile to die for. How can you not fall in love with her? Yes, the dramatic take and script is hardly something unique and more or less a no brainer. But, there´s this as said endearing feeling to it with colourful characters and it manages to bring out some of your emotional sides and feelings. (3 out of 5)

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