December 2015

I wish to release all things that has been of a negative nature during 2015 and welcome new opportunities to grow emotionally, professionally, mentally and spiritually. So, let´s turn the page and welcome 2016 with hopes for new adventures, new challenges, new relationships, new moments of joy. May you all have a blessed 2016.


Looks very good.

R.I.P Ian Fraser ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister 1945 – 2015.


Lovely, lovely Kate.


Wise words from Liam.


Ralph Angus McQuarrie was an American conceptual designer and illustrator. Impressed with his work, director George Lucas met with him to discuss his plans for a space-fantasy film. Several years later, in 1975, Lucas commissioned McQuarrie to illustrate several scenes from the script of the film, Star Wars. McQuarrie designed many of the film’s characters, including Darth Vader,Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO and drew many concepts for the film’s sets.It was McQuarrie who suggested that Vader wear a breathing apparatus. (via

Just discovered the cult band Big Star (1972-1974) with Alex Chilton. Great stuff.



Such a great X-mas movie from Frank Capra.



In 1978 “The Star Wars Holiday Special” was produced for tv and I´m still not sure what they were thinking when they came up with the idea. If you haven´t seen it, do it…

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