December 2016

A wish for a Happy New Year to all and everyone. Let´s turn the page and welcome 2017 with hopes for new adventures, new challenges, new relationships, new moments of joy and less solitude. And let´s pray and hope that 2017 will become a year of peace and some sort of global harmony. Wishful thinking maybe, but we just gotta try. May you all have a blessed 2017. #2017


How I loved reading “Superboy and The Legion of Super-Heroes” comic when I was a kid.

Lovely actress. Lovely woman.


A magic movie moment from “Singing in the Rain” with Debbie Reynolds.

It didn´t stop… Rest in peace beautiful actress/singer Debbie Reynolds, mother to Carrie Fisher. She passed away just one day after her daughter. #DebbieReynolds

Great cover.


Rest in peace beautiful Carrie Fisher. Great actress, writer, producer, role model and a major 80s crush for me. 2016 has been such a hard year and so many beloved well known faces has left us. I can´t deal with more losses now…. #CarrieFisher

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