February 2017

It´s a summer hit.

Rest in peace Bill Paxton. Another star has fallen.

The Hardest Part of Travelling that No One Talks About


Check out the awesome Swedish OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and ninja athlete Fanny Ahlfors on her Instagram account. A true inspiration and a fantastic woman.


Just when you think IKEA couldn’t make ANOTHER product to aid in your everyday life, they somehow do, and it’s something you’d never expect them to make – a bicycle. SLADDA, much like the rest of IKEA’s offerings, is low-maintenance and adaptable to your various needs. They didn’t just launch a unisex bicycle, they’ve created a collection of accessories to go with it in hopes of solving your daily transportation needs and to make your life as easy as possible.

SLADDA is equipped with a rust- and oil-free belt drive, automatic gears, and a multifunctional click system for accessories, like front and back racks and bike bags. There’s also a handy trailer to haul heavier loads. On top of that, there are bicycle helmets, a U-lock, and a pump.

SLADDA is available in 26″ or 28″ versions with a retail price of $499. (via DesignMilk and Caroline Williamson)


One of Sweden´s finest bands.


New album out tomorrow. Can´t bloody wait. #Johnossi

Brisbane rockers Regurgitator in form.



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