August 2017

Solid beats. Love it.


When I left for Sorrento in Italy I had to bring “The Story of San Michele” by Swedish physician Axel Munthe with me. A funny, strange and existential book of memoirs by Munthe. It was first published in 1929 and it became a best-seller in numerous languages and has been republished constantly in the over seven decades since its original release. Munthe spent much of his life on Capri building the Villa San Michele. A magnificent place on Capri you should visit. I will go back for sure. #Sorrento #Capri #AxelMunthe



Great song. #ReleaseTheSunbird

Just saw Iliza Shlesinger´s “War Paint”. I enjoyed the show and she manage to keep her comedy in good balance and she doesn´t go into the classic “sexist” trap many male and female comedians end up in. If you haven´t seen “War Paint”, do. #IlizaShlesinger

war-paintScreen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.26.26iliza-2


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