July 2019

In 1979, SONY debuted the WALKMAN®, introducing to the world a new way to enjoy high-quality music, anywhere, anytime. To celebrate the WALKMAN 40th anniversary, SONY has opened an exhibition in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The “#009 WALKMAN IN THE PARK 40 years since the day the music walked” exhibition focuses on the people for whom the WALKMAN has been a part of their everyday life. 

For us old enough to not only remember, but also used, the SONY WALKMAN®, this portable cassette player was the “thing” in the 80s. I had a red SONY WALKMAN® which I bought in 1985 or 1986 and I used it till it broke… I really like that SONY celebrate the WALKMAN 40th anniversary. That makes me truly nostalgic and happy. (via Designboom)





He´s back….. #TopGunMaverick

Sweden won the bronze in the 2019 FIFA Womens World Cup!




Then I finally got to see the classic Australian band Men At Work. The singer Colin Hay is the only member these days from the original band lineup with Greg Ham (Rest in peace), Ron Strykert, Jerry Speiser and John Rees. Their heydays were in the early 80s, but they were a solid band back then with two really great albums and a third so so on their CV. The show this past Saturday was nevertheless really good and Hay’s voice is still in great shape. This eve made me long back to Australia as well……. 🎼👊🏻🇳🇿#menatworkband #kulturbolaget #malmö


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