Experienced CIA agent Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner), originally from Pittsburgh, works with a team to capture the Albino, lieutenant to an arms trafficker called the Wolf, as he is selling a dirty bomb to some terrorists. The Albino deduces the trap when he recognizes one of the agents, whom he kills. Renner is able to cripple the Albino by shooting him in the leg, but not capture him. Meanwhile, elite CIA assassin Vivi Delay (Amber Heard), who has been personally assigned by the Director to kill the Wolf, monitors the operation and notices Renner has unknowingly seen the Wolf. Renner is nearly disabled by an extreme cough, which is diagnosed as terminal brain cancer which has spread to his lungs. He is given only a few months to live, and will not see the next Christmas. For decades he has kept his dangerous career a carefully guarded secret from his wife Christine (Connie Nielsen) and daughter Zooey (Hailee Steinfeld), at the cost of losing them. He decides to spend his remaining time trying to fix his relationship with his estranged daughter, and if possible, his ex-wife. He returns to Paris, where he and his family live separately. He makes an awkward reconnection with Christine and Zooey, and tells Christine of his terminal illness. She allows him to reconnect with Zooey, and when she has to go out of the country on business, she is forced to let him look after Zooey. Vivi recruits him to find and kill the Wolf, in exchange for an experimental drug that could extend his life significantly. Renner reluctantly accepts, to get more time with his family… “3 Days to Kill” is directed by the man with a bloody soccer player name, McG, and co-written by the long lost Luc Besson. These two names set the bar, the standard and the general atmosphere of the movie. Meaning not really my bar or my standard. If the great Kevin Costner wouldn´t have had the lead role as Renner, this would´ve just been a tiresome, action filled, potholed, stereotypical Besson actioneer. Amber Heard´s CIA assassin Vivi Delay makes no sense at all, and everything is so sadly cartoony about her. Her clothes, her lines, the way she deliver the lines, her movements, her stance, wigs etc. What the hell is she communicating as a CIA operative? The mix between family bonding/reconciliation and serious action is not fully balanced and it just feels haphazard plus the script seems to have been written on a weekend. I think that Costner, Nielsen and Steinfeld manages to get out of this action mess with their heads high, but the overall reaction to “3 Days to Kill” is truly so so from my point of view. (3 out of 5)