Looks fantastic. I hear Oscar bells for Joaquin Phoenix. #Joker

Sylvester Stallone is looking to turn 1986 cop thriller “Cobra” into a streaming TV series. With this news it makes sense to bring out the old discussion on why the film is still not released in a “Director´s Cut” version. The first rough cut was over two hours long (the closest estimated original running time is 130 minutes). It was then shortened to a roughly two-hour director’s cut which was intended to be released in theaters. However, after “Top Gun” became a smash hit, Stallone and Warner Bros. were worried that Cobra – which would premiere the following week – would be overshadowed, so in order to ensure at least one extra screening each day the movie was heavily re-edited. Stallone removed much of the plot and scenes involving characters other than his own. Warner Bros. also demanded that the more graphic scenes be cut down or removed entirely because they were “too intense,” and that some action scenes be cut for pacing.

I still want to see the two-hour director’s cut as it was intended. Make it happen Mr. Stallone and Warner Bros.


One of my favourite actors from my youth, Rutger Hauer, has sadly passed away at the age of 75. 😞 Maybe mostly known for the iconic character Roy Batty in “Blade Runner” from 1982, but he gave us as well classic films like “Nighthawks”, “Ladyhawke”, “Flesh+Blood”, “The Hitcher”, “Wanted: Dead or Alive”, “The Blood of Heroes” and “A Breed Apart”. Rest in peace Rutger.

Robin Williams would´ve been 68 years old today. Rest in peace. #RobinWilliams


Rest in peace Luke. #BeverlyHills90210

Rest in peace Burt Reynolds. Sad to hear about his passing as he has always been a favourite actor of mine during his prime in the 70s and 80s. #BurtReynolds

Clint Eastwood celebrates his 88th birthday today. One of the great ones in Hollywood. 

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