TBWA’s latest ads for the fast-food giant feature minimalist illustrations of packaging for top sellers like the Big Mac, french fries and Chicken McNuggets—with only a few crumbs of food seen in each ad, the rest having been devoured by an unseen diner.

There’s not much else in the ads either—just the Golden Arches and the product name (and not even that for the fries), against solidly colorful backdrops. The point, once again, is that McDonald’s food is so well known and understood that it speaks for itself, even in its absence. Also, as TBWA says, it’s “so good that in the end, there is only one crumb left.” (via Adweek)


Brazilian ad agency PPM, together with Estudio Gelmi, came up with this mouthwatering campaign for Habib’s handmade ice cream. Three posters show ice cream of different flavours (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) in the form of famous sculptures: Greek Goddess Artemis, Easter Island Moai and Rodin’s The Thinker. (via Fubiz)




Pass The Heinz, a campaign idea for Heinz pitched by Don Draper in Mad Men, is appearing on real-life billboards in New York this week. (via Creative Review)


Goes straight for the heart.

Animated by Aardman Animations and narrated by Stephen Fry this Christmas ad from the Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) paints the picture of a world in which Santa stops bringing presents because he is suffering from dementia. (via Creative Review)


For the Red Cross, Swedish agency åkestam.holst wondered how could people give donations in airports. At the Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport, they had the ludic idea to place paying arcade games, such as Pac Man or Space Invaders, that will be used to entertain waiting people before a flight or taking back their luggages. The money will be given directly to the Red Cross. (via Fubiz)

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To show how the Scotch Magic Tape by 3M magically mends tears on paper, Hamburg-based ad agency Kolle Rebbe has created a clever packaging that makes it look as though the tape is invisible. The agency placed a specially designed ultra thin mirror inside the packaging and tilted it at an angle. This formed an area for stowing the tape, creating the illusion of an empty box. The creative design snagged Kolle Rebbe a Silver Design award in the Packaging category at the 2014 CLIO Awards. (via Design Taxi)

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Bruno Leo Ribeiro love football, design, art direction and as well advertising. He combined these elements and imagined how advertising agencies football kits would look like.

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In a recently released PSA produced by DDB Group Asia Pacific’s Regional Creative Director Andy Fackrell, the video pays tribute to the creative communications industry. Featuring more than 30 advertising campaigns in the two-minute short, it seeks to be the mouthpiece in defense for the industry, highlighting the issue of diminishing value placed on creativity and the ideas churned out.

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