Album Cover




Great albumcover.

UK designer Aaron Savage has recreated various album covers using only LEGO bricks in a series he calls ‘Brick the LP’. The series features prominent album covers from popular bands and singers—such as Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Queen and The Smiths.


An excellent packaging design in the shape of a wooden boxed cd album for the artist The Adventures Of Tom The Lion. This is the kind of project you hope to be able to do and get financed.

Daniel Mason of Something Else is behind the project and the hinged lid of the wooden box is screenprinted with the Tom The Lion illustration by Konstantinos Gargaletsos. Open the brass clasp and inside are two CDs housed in uncoated card CD wallets. One is the 13 track album (tracks from his two double 10″ vinyl EPs), the other contains a number of live recordings. A folded bible paper sheet contains all the lyrics and sleeve notes, and there are also two photographs included. (via Creative Review)


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