Can´t bloody wait for this release. #tameimpala #theslowrush




Today marks 40 years since The Clash released their fantastic album “London Calling”! #TheClash


The Mamas and the Papas debut album released in 1966. What an album. 12 hits in a row. Magic! #TheMamasandThePapas


“Kick” which was the sixth studio album by the Australian rock band INXS, released in 1987, is by far one of my absolute favourite albums. I still remember when it came out and what an impact it made on me. The songs, the music, the visual album concept, the look of the band and all the great videos. “Kick” became the band’s most successful studio album, certified six times platinum by the RIAA, and spawned four US top 10 singles. I know this album by heart. And it is as good today it was in 1987. INXS was such a great band until the tragic passing of Michael Hutchence. Rest in peace Michael. #INXS #Kick


Such a beautiful album. “Pink Moon” was released on 25 February 1972. My birth year. The title song has always made me think of my childhood of some reason. It´s somehow in the song. Nick Drake passed away in 1974 after battling depression. Rest in peace Nick. #NickDrake #PinkMoon



Still excellent.


Released 25 years ago. Still fantastic.


Check out the Danish band The Minds Of 99 and their magnificent 2018 album “Solkongen”.


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