40 years ago today. I love AC/DC, and this album truly reinvented the band with Brian Johnson taking over the vocals after the tragic death of Bon Scott. Amazing album. #ACDC #BackinBlack




A fantastic Swedish band that existed between 1997–2004. A bit forgotten today which is a true shame. Check them out on Spotify.


Toto has been able to survive with other singers after the great original singer Bobby Kimball left the band in 1984 (However, he returned in 1998). I did like the short period with Fergie Frederiksen, but I do like the years 1986-1988 with Joseph Williams and the albums “Fahrenheit” and “The Seventh One”.



Faith No More are to reissue deluxe versions of their classic albums ‘The Real Thing’ (1989) and ‘Angel Dust’ (1992). Both releases come with a disc of rare bonus material, featuring live tracks and b-sides as well as including covers of Dead Kennedys’ ‘Let’s Lynch The Landlord’, the Commodores’ ‘Easy’ and Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’. It will follow the band’s new album, ‘Sol Invictus’. Faith No More’s first LP since 1997’s ‘Album Of The Year’, the new LP will be released on May 18 on their own imprint, Reclamation Records, and distributed by frontman Mike Patton’s label, Ipecac Recordings. (via NME)

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