“Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” is a 2018 American animated steampunk superhero alternate history action thriller film produced by Warner Bros. The storyline puts Batman against the classic serial killer Jack the Ripper, who preys on Gotham’s poor and destitute women.

When I saw the cover in the store I thought it look really cool and wanted to see it in an instant. I bought it and to be honest I was expecting to see the same cool cover art as the animated film, but low and behold it was not that at all. The animation is more juvenile/childlike and doesn´t have the steampunk rawness to it I was hoping for. The idea is there, but the content was not what I wanted at least. I sometimes feel cheated when great artists create the cover art of a film or comic and then someone else does the actual animated film or comic.



Very very nice animation.


For those of you who grew up in the 80s and had Nintendo consoles, this animated video by art director Anthony Veloso will definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia.

In this awesome animation, it showcases the evolution of Nintendo consoles—from the early Nintendo Entertainment System and the iconic Game Boy, to the popular Super Nintendo and the most recent, Wii U.


Johnny Kelly has created this nice animation for Chipotle Mexican Grill, which features a specially commissioned cover of Coldplay´s song “The Scientist” by Willie Nelson. The film tells the story of a farmer who slowly turns his farm into an industralised animal factory, before deciding to opt for a more sustainable future. Nelson’s version of “The Scientist” was commissoned especially for the film, and is available to download, with all proceeds from the sales going to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which is “committed to creating a more sustainable and healthful food supply and to raising awareness concerning food issues”. (via Creative Review)

In what’s shaping up to be something of an animation bonanza, the producers of the forthcoming 3D film based on the memoirs of the late Monty Python star Graham Chapman, have revealed the artists and studios who’ll be working on it…

Jock Mooney of Trunk, will complete a section of the film alongside the following studios: Asylum Films, Made Visual Studio, Not to Scale, Treat Studios, Peepshow, Steven Lall, Sherbert, Superfad, Mr & Mrs Smith, Cake, Arthur Cox, A for Animation, Tundra and Beakus. The 3D animated feature, made in association with Bill and Ben Productions Ltd, Trinity Films (UK) and Brainstorm Media, will tell the story of Chapman’s life as recorded in his 1980 book, A Liar’s Autobiography Volume VI. Bill Jones, Ben Timlea and Jeff Simpson of Bill and Ben will direct the film, which will be voiced by the remaining Pythons (bar Eric Idle) and incorporate audio recordings made by Chapman who died in 1989 aged 48. More details on the production are at

Also on the Trunk team are producer Richard Barnett with Layla Atkinson heading up the animation team. Compositors Rok Predin and Alasdair Brotherston will also co-direct the segment with Mooney and Atkinson. The stereoscopic 3D film’s world television premiere will be in both 2D and 3D on the EPIX channel and on in early 2012 and will be released in UK cinemas by Trinity. Expect a story on the CR blog once screeners are available. “We’ve been working closely with the Chapman estate and the Pythons to make sure we get this exactly right,” says the film’s co-director, Jeff Simpson. “Graham would be delighted that his work is being re-imagined in glorious 3D. He always loved wearing silly glasses.” (via Creative Review)

Interpol collaborated with acclaimed director David Lynch during their performance at this year’s Coachella festival. The New York band, who played yesterday, have included details of the visual collaboration in a blog on their record label Matador Records official site
The collaboration, which was titled ‘Interpol Under Surveillance’, was “a visual juxtaposition of the seen and the unseen” and has been put together by the band, Lynch and a series of other collaborators.

The performance also featured the premiere of the David Lynch animation ‘I Touch A Red Button Man’ which accompanied the band’s ‘Lights’. (via NME)

Aardman Animations created this animation for the Encounters Festival in Bristol. The film plays on the mystery that surrounds the identity of one of the city’s most famous sons: Banksy..

Ok, I have mentioned it before, the superhero concept is a bit worn out by now. But, The Super Delicious Ingredient Force from Taco Bell and the agency DraftFCB Chicago gets thumbs up from me. It makes me a bit nostalgic. I think of my childhood and my own fascination with superheros back then. The Super Delicious Ingredient Force consists of: Captain Enchilada Sauce, Chicken Woman, Flex Tortilla, Crunch Boy, Super Reduced Fat Sour Cream, Commander Seasoned Beef, Fantastic Rice, Incredibean, Steak Maximus and  Dr. Steve Value. : ) Their mission is to rid the world of “minuscule meals of mediocrity” from the “Cruddy Combo Clan. This is episode one, and other episodes will be available on the website. (via Adrants)

From the american comedy duo Rhett and Link a.k.a Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal we get a neat little stop motion film called “The T-Shirt War”. This little film developed later into “The T-Shirt War 2”, with the difference that the second one was an actual commercial for Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

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