Built in 2003 in the city of Graz in Austria when the city was European Capital of Culture, this unusual art museum called Kunsthaus Graz is also known as “Friendly Alien” (via Fubiz). Very alienlike and intriguing.

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Berlin-based German photographer Christopher Domakis has created a series of beautifully composed, minimalist architectural photographs that skillfully mixes geometry and color. Without the distraction of people, these stark interior shots of stairways, hallways and vast libraries make for fascinating images that show how minimalist spaces need not be bare and boring. From eye-catching color-blocking to bold monochrome, these pictures are a delight to browse, especially for the architecture enthusiast. (via Design Taxi)

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Bolivian Ingrid Vaca Diez is on a mission to improve the housing situation for the poor in her country by using plastic bottles—the only material she can find in abundance—to build surprisingly sturdy houses. The self-taught designer of these “garbage homes” fills recycled plastic bottles with dirt and uses them as bricks to construct her innovative houses. To date, she has built ten such homes for poverty-stricken families. (via Design Taxi)


Finally seen it live… Cool..


Danish architecture firm Rosan Bosch Ltd has created a school with no walls for the Swedish Free School Organization Vittra, which wanted exactly that. Their rationale? To create challenging learning environments to stimulate individual development. The architect’s main goal was to build “a school where the physical space is the school’s most important tool in their everyday and pedagogical development”. Thus, five main learning spaces were created, namely ‘The Cave’ (a private space for learning), ‘The Lab’ (experimentation and practical work), ‘The Camp Fire’ (group process), ‘The Watering Hole’ (a place for encounters and impulses), and ‘The Showoff’ (a stage to show off progress and discoveries).

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