Book Cover Design

Brighton-based illustrator Steven Wilson is behind the artwork for the new HG Wells series from Vintage Classics. According to the design department’s CMYK blog, Wells’ The Time Machine is also the latest addition to its 3D list of titles – which includes six Aldous Huxley novels with covers by La Boca – and comes with glasses supplied. All four editions are out now. (via Creative Review)


Yes, you can discuss that this design solution builds on the sexism of James Bond, but I still think these covers are striking and visually stunning.


The American publisher Riverhead worked with MakerBot firm specializing in 3D printing to create this futuristic case for the novel ‘On Such a Full Sea’ by the Korean-American writer Chang-rae Lee.

Worlds-First-3D-Printed-Book-Cover2-640x359 Worlds-First-3D-Printed-Book-Cover3-640x349 Worlds-First-3D-Printed-Book-Cover4-640x349 Worlds-First-3D-Printed-Book-Cover5-640x350

A beautifully designed guide to Riga.



This is a book cover design I have made for the french publishing house Le Retour Aux Sources. The book exposes facts about the official version of 9/11 and the following developments in the aftermath. The book talks as well about agressive international US policies and the change in the domestic policy with limitations of liberty and increase of control over the people. The idea is based on USAs wish to maintain world control, acting like “Big Brother”. They disguise themselves as a country and in this disguise USA takes all sorts of action both internationally and domestically. The flag and the eyes together looks also like a hood, thus to hide their true identity. The number 11 poses as the World Trade Center.

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