Colour is literally on the menu at Pantone’s new pop-up café in Monaco. Located on Grimaldi Forum, the temporary establishment provides a brilliantly hued counterpoint to the already-colourful backdrop of Larvotta beach, where vacationers can ‘Taste the Colors’ until early September.

Founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert, the New Jersey-based colour systems company has enjoyed a cult following for years, inspiring everything from a chocolate colour chart to an entire hotel. The photogenic space – realised by Monaco Restaurant Group (the same firm behind Mozza and Song Qi) – pays homage to the iconic Pantone Matching System, with numerical codes and swatches assigned to the tables, napkins, and chairs.

The café serves up an extensive menu of salads, sandwiches, ice cream, granitas and more – all of which have also been matched to a Pantone chip and accordingly packaged. (via Wallpaper)

Pantone Café runs until 9 September 2015. Open daily from 10am to 8pm and until 10pm on Thursdays.

Grimaldi Forum
10 Avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco

04-Pantone-Cafe-Monaco 07-Pantone-Cafe-Monaco 08-Pantone-Cafe-Monaco 09-Pantone-Cafe-Monaco

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