A great idea from my old employer DDB.

The Drinkable Book is a life saving tool that filters water and teaches proper sanitation & hygiene to those in the developing world. Each book is printed on technologically advanced filter paper, capable of killing deadly waterborne diseases. Each page is coated with silver nanoparticles, whose ions actively kill diseases like cholera, typhoid and E. coli.

Once water is passed through the filter, bacteria count is reduced by over 99.99%, making the filtered water comparable to tap water in the United States of America.This filter paper will revolutionize water purification. It costs only pennies to produce, making it by far the cheapest option on the market. Each filter is capable of giving someone up to 30 days worth of clean water, and each book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to 4 years.


The IKEA catalogue is an institution. People anticipate its arrival, get excited about it, read it and then often throw it away. IKEA in Western Australia and South Australia worked with 303Lowe to find a way for the catalogue to stay in the home and have pride of place. With living costs increasing, they figured it only fair that IKEA should pay rent for the space it occupies, through monthly rent cheques redeemable in-store. The Rent project was awarded a Yellow Pencil at the 2012 D&AD Awards. (via The Inspiration Room)

An excellent interactive installation campaign from JWT New York for Human Rights Watch.

Me being a graduate from Berghs School Of Communication (ages ago… 1994-1995) it´s always nice to see what the current students at Berghs are up to for their graduation exhibition. To promote their exhibition this year, the students invited leading figures in the creative world to discuss their “fear of failure”. And we get some inspiring words from people like Stefan Sagmeister, Wally Olins and Milton Glaser. Nice.

Loose Leaf is a new publication from San Francisco that celebrates the city’s creativity. It comes as a series of unbound prints that can be hung on pegs and shuffled according to taste.

The viral-video campaign “DIY” created exclusively for Forrest & Bob Underwear. Hot and funky….

From TBWA/Singapore we get the “Moustaches Make A Difference” campaign that supports the cause of fighting prostate cancer. It´s about raising funds for the Singapore Prostate Cancer Research Fund. The concept is of course that through the annals of history, several famous figures have had one thing in common. The moustache. And the questions that is raised is: Without this feature adorning their upper lip, would these people have reached a place in history? This is a funny campaign created to support a great cause. It´s a win win campaign. Great stuff.

This was part of a Snickers campaign called “Conquer Sahara With Snickers”, I worked on during my years at BBDO. This was a set of 4 wallpapers for the web side of the campaign, that communicated the Snickers marketing platform of the active Snickers experience and the feeling of being up for anything when living life to the fullest.