Brighton-based illustrator Steven Wilson is behind the artwork for the new HG Wells series from Vintage Classics. According to the design department’s CMYK blog, Wells’ The Time Machine is also the latest addition to its 3D list of titles – which includes six Aldous Huxley novels with covers by La Boca – and comes with glasses supplied. All four editions are out now. (via Creative Review)


Gotta love this.




Based in New Orleans, performance artist Heather Hansen specializes in ‘kinetic drawing’, a technique that uses her entire body to create large scale drawings on paper. Treating her body just like a paint brush, she creates amazing symmetrical shapes and patterns by tracing her body movements with charcoal. According to My Moder Met, her expressive dance-art works are being shown in a group exhibition titled ‘The Value of a Line’ at The Ochi Gallery in Idaho. The exhibition will run through to 31 March 2014. (via Design Taxi)

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UK-based illustrator and self-professed procrastinator Lee Crutchley empathizes with those who find it hard to get started on things—thus, he decided to create a book to help overcome this problem. Entitled ‘The Art of Getting Started’, the simple but helpful guidebook contains enjoyable hands-on activities and inspirational quotes and tips, to get your creative juices flowing. ‘The Art of Getting Started’ is available on Amazon. (via Design Taxi)

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Reddit user BritishRacingGreen and his girlfriend dressed up as shiny, plastic green army men complete with homemade telephone box, toy pistol and bazooka props, roaming the city and posing with people for photos. Their elaborate getup was the result of hours of meticulous preparation, which included coating their clothes and props in primer and spray painting them green, and applying green makeup to their skin. A staggering eight cans of primer and nearly six cans of paint were used for BritishRacingGreen’s suit alone, and donning it wasn’t without its discomforts. “(My suit) was so stiff that it was hilarious trying to get our shoes on. I didn’t realize until the end of the night that my arms were totally cut up on the inside from bending my arm. (via Design Taxi) Gotta love this!

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