Based in Paris, designer Benoit Malta has created a chair that only has two legs, which requires its user to sit in such a way that they would feel “bearable discomfort”. Like an exercise ball, the “Inactivité” chair forces the sitter to use various muscles to keep their balance, and in so doing, achieve better posture. Promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle, this chair would help you become more conscious of your body while you are semi-resting. (via Design Taxi)

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Hungarian designer and visual artist Kissmilkos was commissioned to create a sophisticated bohemian brand and atmosphere for Trafiq, one of the newest bars in downtown Budapest. The goal was to revive the vibe of the late 19th to early 20th century, while reinterpreting a vintage style mixed with a modern atmosphere. To accomplish this, Kissmilkos created everything from the branding, to interior graphics, to the restaurant’s packaging.  A “trafik” was a type of tiny shop selling tobacco, sweets, newspapers, toys, and other knickknacks, and was a real treasure island for children. I’ve purposely created an image that conveys this specific atmosphere. The typography resembles of  newspaper fonts, french playing cards – the essential accessories of early 20th century clubs and the typical souvenirs of a “trafik”.

The Logo: “The logo is based on a roman-type font, and is mixed with a playful, classic ligature. The logotype contains the address of the venue. This provides an easier form of communication and unifies the typographic language, moreover ,it determines its style. Nevertheless, the typographic language tends to reach beyond the boundaries of a logo and of various graphic elements, and becomes the concept itself, the interior’s distinguishable cornerstone.”

The Restrooms: “Simplistic restroom graffiti collected from anglo-saxon countries, and separated by genders. Their content was not altered, although they are presented in an elegant, footed, and classical antiqua that conjures an intense paradox and basically gives life to an artistic concept; moreover, it gives an iconic edge to its location.”

The Posters: “Humorous, framed texts referring to sexuality, night-time entertainment, and getting tipsy, all interpreted in the language of contemporary typography. These texts, at least to an extent, resemble both the philosophy of late 19th – early 20th century artists and the atmosphere of bohemian saloons independent from high-nosed institutions.”

The Packaging: “The concept of the packaging is based on the formerly described world of “trafiks”, and puts simple, playful ideas into practice – such as hard-pack cigarette boxes and matchboxes. Regardless, it’s still remaining elegant, and follows the visual path carved by trafiq’s image. (via The Dieline)

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Donny’s Bar, located in the northern beachside suburb of Manly, was designed by Sydney studio Luchetti Krelle to resemble a New York loft. The bar serves a selection of Asian-inspired dishes, so the design team wanted to also incorporate Asian influences into the space to conjure up images of “a back alley in Chinatown”. “The brief was to create a warm and friendly New York style loft bar which would serve Asian style tapas and dumplings – on a tight budget,” the designers explained. “Avoiding overt Asian theming, we instead opted for a pared-back approach to the design.” A range of recycled materials were used to transform the stark space into a dark and atmospheric bar with exposed brick walls and concrete flooring throughout. (via Dezeen) A bar design in my taste.

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Love this furniture design from Palette Industries.

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New York-based firm Specht Harpman Architects has turned a tiny 425-square-feet Manhattan micro loft apartment into a stylish, spacious home. Located on the top level of a six story building, it features a narrow vertical layout not unlike this similar apartment in Madrid. The firm made use of four separate “living platforms” to accommodate all the necessities of apartment life, while ensuring it remains spacious and open.

A small bathroom is located on the bottom floor under a staircase, which has multiple storage compartments built into it. The kitchen opens up into the living room, with white cabinets and countertops maintaining a bright and airy feel. The simple design prevents the area from looking untidy and cluttered, creating the illusion of more space. The first flight of stairs takes you to the bedroom, which is supported on steel beams and seems to float above the living room below. The bed frame comes with a night stand and a cabinet behind the bed stores magazines and books. More storage compartments are hidden under a second set of stairs which leads to the rooftop garden.

Every inch of space has been creatively utilized to make the most of the limited area, with each “room” dissolving into the next to create a seamless flow. The lack of walls and doors ensures the apartment doesn’t feel cramped, while the built-in features mean only a few pieces of furniture like a couch, coffee table, bed and side chair are needed. (via Design Taxi)

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Wood-burning stoves are not common in indonesia, but have influenced barata dwiputra, lead builder of thrive motorcycles to re-imagine a classic 1968 yamaha XS650. Taking over a year to locate and obtain the bike itself, the transformation was completed in just two months, including a complete engine overhaul and hand-fabricated bodywork. To create a more aggressive aesthetic, the wheelbase was lengthened using a custom swing-arm and the front end was slightly lowered; the colors have been reduced to shades of black, with brass and copper accents for the details. For functionality, a pair of leather belts have been fitted under the battery box, designed to hold a flannel shirt or jacket in place and a custom canvas bag containing the tools needed to maintain the XS650. (via Design Boom) Cool……

thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom01 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom02 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom03 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom04 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom05 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom06 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom07

This series of wooden chairs by japanese designer Keisuke Fujiwara were produced for the television drama Tsuki No Koibito in Japan. Appearing in the show’s final episode, the seat is able to be connected through a specially integrated component on its side. When placed next to one another, the backrests form to make a silhouette of a mountain range. In the top part, a slit of a crescent moon was cut out, in reference to the drama’s keyword. The wooden pieces were also designed to be lightweight and easy to carry for the actors walking quickly on and off set. (via Design Boom)

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Based on the european rhinoceros beetle ‘the beetle chair’ is the last creation of the animal chair collection by Maximo Riera. The species is one of the largest insects of its kind and it features a distinctive curved horn that is used to fight other males during mating season and as a tool for digging. They are the strongest land animal in relation to their size, capable of lifting over a hundred times its own weight. Influenced by this concept, the chair’s proportions have been increased in the same order of magnitude. The seat section is located within the outer shell covering the wings that from the skeleton and protect the animal. By adapting the beetle’s morphology into a functional aesthetic it allows the composition of the skeleton to be seen without any interruptions. Part of the animal collection will be exhibited at the Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, from the 4th of november, until the 4th of december 2013. (via Designboom)

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