Love the idea, and they should be produced.

With a minimalist style, designed to look like something you’d put at home, yet delicately catching the essence of the origin, these lighting fixtures are all inspired from Star Wars movies.


Oblique is a collection of wall shelves that offer you a clever way to display your current reads or favorites. Designed by Filip Janssens, each of the three units features a notched out section to accent a book (or three), almost like it’s framed.

You can simply display it on the wall for books or install it beside your bed so it also acts as a bedside table. (via Design Milk)

Barcelona-based design duo Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera have designed the “Orwell Sofa”, a private urban fort. The “Orwell Sofa” is a cabin-like piece of furniture that can be utilised as a sofa, a daybed, a bed, or even a private cabin. It allows one to have a bit of intimacy within a larger environment. Like the idea of a childhood blanket fort, you can climb in, rest, and even shut out some light if you would like. (via Design Taxi) Love this.

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Based in Paris, designer Benoit Malta has created a chair that only has two legs, which requires its user to sit in such a way that they would feel “bearable discomfort”. Like an exercise ball, the “Inactivité” chair forces the sitter to use various muscles to keep their balance, and in so doing, achieve better posture. Promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle, this chair would help you become more conscious of your body while you are semi-resting. (via Design Taxi)

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Despite being made from cardboard and weighing under 15 pounds, Refold’s desk is sturdy enough to stand on. The standing desk is not only good for you, but folds so you can work anywhere. Sadly, it’s only shipping in New Zealand at the moment. (via The Awesomer)

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Love this furniture design from Palette Industries.

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This series of wooden chairs by japanese designer Keisuke Fujiwara were produced for the television drama Tsuki No Koibito in Japan. Appearing in the show’s final episode, the seat is able to be connected through a specially integrated component on its side. When placed next to one another, the backrests form to make a silhouette of a mountain range. In the top part, a slit of a crescent moon was cut out, in reference to the drama’s keyword. The wooden pieces were also designed to be lightweight and easy to carry for the actors walking quickly on and off set. (via Design Boom)

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Based on the european rhinoceros beetle ‘the beetle chair’ is the last creation of the animal chair collection by Maximo Riera. The species is one of the largest insects of its kind and it features a distinctive curved horn that is used to fight other males during mating season and as a tool for digging. They are the strongest land animal in relation to their size, capable of lifting over a hundred times its own weight. Influenced by this concept, the chair’s proportions have been increased in the same order of magnitude. The seat section is located within the outer shell covering the wings that from the skeleton and protect the animal. By adapting the beetle’s morphology into a functional aesthetic it allows the composition of the skeleton to be seen without any interruptions. Part of the animal collection will be exhibited at the Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, from the 4th of november, until the 4th of december 2013. (via Designboom)

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