Artist Tomás Saraceno’s latest installation entitled ‘In Orbit’ is a playground that allows people to experience what it’s like to walk ‘on air’. Inspired by spider-webs, it is made of steel cable nets spanning 2,500 square meters and is suspended four levels above ground. The installation is currently at the K21 Ständehaus museum in Düsseldorf, Germany till the Fall of 2014. (via Design Taxi)

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Since 2008, French artist Daniel Firman has been exhibiting various versions of a sculptural installation piece named Nasutamanus all over the world. The artwork always depicts an elephant balancing on its trunk, sometimes out from the wall and at other times up from the floor. Most recently, the sculpture was on view at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna early in 2012. (via Swiss Miss)


Living and working in New York City, Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita has a series of work using simple shapes and objects with light to create shadows. Using a single light source that projects light onto the material, Yamashita forms silhouettes of people and faces in the series entitled Light & Shadow. (via Design Milk) Very cool…


Florida-based artist Scott Blake has created various portraits of celebrities and pop culture icons using only the barcodes of items specific to the person to make up their individual portraits. For example, in his barcode Andy Warhol portrait, he used the barcodes of Campbell soup cans that were part of Warhol’s iconic artworks. He even created an augmented reality interface to go together with the portrait that would light up cans of Campbell soup once a barcode has been scanned—displaying the can of ‘virtual soup’ being poured into a bowl. Other famous celebrities and icons whom he has ‘barcoded’ includes Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee and Ozzy Osbourne. (via DesignTaxi)

Toy soldiers art: Made in China by Joe Black.

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