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For the release of their new album, The Future is Medieval, UK band Kaiser Chiefs have collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy London to create a website that allows fans to design their own album cover and bespoke selection of tracks, and even make money from their creations. The site,, features a series of ‘machines’ that users interact with to create their own album.

Once completed, you can purchase your album (for £7.50), and are then given the option to sell your bespoke version of The Future is Medieval via the Kaiser Chiefs site. For each copy of your individual album that is sold, you will receive £1 in commission. The site also offers blog banner ads and posters for you to promote your particular cover/playlist via your own website/blog etc. The band will then reward ‘super-sellers’ with special prizes announced later on Facebook and Twitter. (via Creative Review)

Thus, the interaction between bands and their fans are getting closer and closer. And we are as well getting closer and closer to the elimination of the designer per se. On one hand I like the idea, on the other hand being a Graphic Designer/Art Director myself, it does undermine my profession.

When reading about this idea, it catches your attention. Still, I am a bit sceptical to the end result. Do we really wanna come to a point where we display our whole life for everyone to see? 


Like the graphic wholeness of this site from Puma.

QuA is a great design studio in Amsterdam, whom I had the pleasure of meeting for an interview back in 2006. QuA is the only agency I have been to, who took the time to write me a long feedback email after my interview. I will never forget that. Two thumbs up. Thus I still keep my eye out on them….

“QuA is a design studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have 22 years of experience specialising in ‘Brand Environment Design’. Brand Environment Design (BED) makes a brand visible on all levels. Designing from the core disciplines: architecture, interior architecture, graphic design and multimedia, QuA develops all activities that support clients in building and maintaining an effective and consistent brand image.

An inspiring store or office space, a clear brochure, an accessible web site, a product you can sell. One brand, one feeling, realized by multiple disciplines in a single brand team. BED is the proces we have developed to manage integrated communication strategies and design branded items. It relies on close cooperation with our clients, to ensure that all items, whatever the scale, meet the clients expectations.”


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