Bloc Logos is a publishing project devoted to graphic signs and logotypes designed in communist Poland (1950-1991). “We are a group of enthusiasts digging for old logotypes from the times of the Iron Curtain. Our aim is for people to get to know the works of graphic designers from the communist Poland. A large part of their work has never been published in such form and remains unknown to this day, with many of the companies and institutions using these graphic signs ceasing to exist nearly 30 years ago.” (via LogoDesignLove)

This is a great idea. We truly need to make sure that the great logos of the past and its graphic designers are preserved and remembered.


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American restaurant chain Pizza Hut has introduced a new minimalist logo, together with a new tagline, “The Flavor of Now”, calling it the “biggest change” they have ever made. For their new identity, Pizza Hut adopted a simple, swirl-like logo in red while retaining its iconic ‘hut’ illustration.

Pizza Hut’s new logo was unveiled amidst announcements of its revamped menu, which includes 10 new crust options, five new “premium” toppings, and six new sauces. According to Consumerist, the new menu will be served in the chain’s 6,300 locations in the US from 19 November 2014. (via Design Taxi)

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The Ottawa design firm Northern Army has debuted a website dedicated to preserving Canada’s “best” logos. Co-founded by Ryan Anderson and Rene Antunes, the latter stated that it was a chance to preserve Canada’s history in a visual way.

Antunes’ favorite logos include those from the A&P grocery store, the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics logo, and the 1974 Winnipeg Jets logo. The designer has also voiced out that doing the bare minimum is the nature of logo design—he also believes that a good logo is borne out of research, asking questions, and waiting for feedback. (via Design Taxi)



Google-owned Motorola Mobility has unveiled a change in its logo. The redesigned trademark takes after some resemblance of its parent company’s Google Nexus logo. Motorola’s iconic “M” has been kept, however, instead of a red dot, it’s encircled by a colorful border—in colors similar to that of Google’s logo. On the bottom of the new logo, the italicized and bold “MOTOROLA” has been done away with, and replaced with a lower-case gray text of “motorola” and a line that reads “a Google company”. (via DesignTaxi)

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