Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong have joined forces with Pizza Hut Hong Kong to launch a product innovation campaign, ‘Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box’. targeted at bringing in consumers of the young Hong Kong crowd, the project brings together pizza and movies. Seems like a pretty fail-safe marketing plan, and so far its proven to be so. The test, which released the boxes on april 17th of this year, has been successful enough to warrant Pizza Hut to release the concept in other locations. The design introduces two components with four illustrated graphics. First, is a perforated circle located in the front of the box. second, is a plastic lens that’s placed in a void on the mini-support that’s put in the center of the pizza. when the goods arrive at home, simply pop out the hole, push in the friction-fit lens, and use your phone to scan a code and queue up a flick from Pizza Hut’s selection. (via DesignBoom)


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