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Fireflies swirling around in the summer night sky are a sight to behold. CS Electrical Company captures a bit of this magic with their new packaging from Angelina Pischikova.

“CS is the largest electrical company in Belarus, which supplies the market with more than 5000 items. CS company’s branding and packaging has been inspired by the old physics books which are diagrams of electrical circuits and illustration of scientific experiments in the style of engravings. Inventor Thomas Edison ‘s words that a firefly is an ideal cold light source prompted the idea of omparing the various forms of light bulbs with various insects. So a client will see it not just as an ordinary luminaire, but as an independent form.”

The detailed illustrations show each insect with its wings spread wide, allowing the light bulb body to be seen. Each bulb has its own shape, from long and skinny to stout and fat, and this adds a bit of personality to each bug illustration. The light bulbs are also assigned a number, giving them a bit of a high-end sophistication, and the wattage is right on the front making it easy for consumers to choose which one best suits their needs. (Via THe Dieline)

Love this design. Excellent job.


Imagine never needing to sort through your recycling, separating glass, cardboard, plastic, and metal. It’s not that you would just ignore recycling altogether; instead, you’d be shopping at places that have adopted the idea of precycling, a way to eliminate waste before it’s even created. By providing items in their pure form without additional cardboard, wrapping, or packaging, there’s simply nothing to throw out later. We’ve seen some interesting designs that seem to lean in this direction. Ooho!, for example, is essentially a blob of water that you can just pop into your mouth, no plastic water bottle required. The Dieline has also featured Tomorrow Machine, a design studio creating food items with packaging comprised of caramelized sugar coated with wax, which then melts when it is used and comes in contact with water. There’s also Stonyfield’s Frozen Yogurt Pearls, which are scoops of organic frozen yogurt enveloped in delicious edible skins. (via The Dieline)



To show how the Scotch Magic Tape by 3M magically mends tears on paper, Hamburg-based ad agency Kolle Rebbe has created a clever packaging that makes it look as though the tape is invisible. The agency placed a specially designed ultra thin mirror inside the packaging and tilted it at an angle. This formed an area for stowing the tape, creating the illusion of an empty box. The creative design snagged Kolle Rebbe a Silver Design award in the Packaging category at the 2014 CLIO Awards. (via Design Taxi)

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Spanish creative agency Txaber has created a packaging design for beer that pairs the color of each type of beer with its corresponding Pantone shade. Simply by looking at the outsides of these beer bottles and cans, one would know if the beverage they contain is bright yellow or warm brown. For instance, while the Lager is matched with the golden 123C, the Dark Ale is a reddish brown 1815C. (via Design Taxi)

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Pisko is a grape derived spirit which also happens to be Peru’s best kept secret. Revó Pisko created by Path, tap into four prevailing trends: the age of crafted commodity, the maturing of the ‘Millennial’, shifts in perceptions of premium spirits and the growth of emerging markets. Peru’s rich history of bold spirit of defiance, inspired Path to create a Pisko brand proposition – one that delivers values of rebellious subversion and provocation.

The Revo brand essence was defined as ‘the irrepressible companion to any night out, with a distinctly fiery disposition’ – focusing on not only the unique taste profile of pisko, but also its history as a product created in the 18th century as a rebellious reaction to the Spanish occupation. The branded graphics are skillfully weaved into a label with intended naivety and studied rawness, evoking a spirit of uncontrived authenticity.

The history of Pisko informed the design and language of the branding which borrows heavily from the styling of spirit tax stamps, reflecting the heavy taxation that forced Peruvians to create pisko as an act of defiance. Paired with the textured, crafted values of the graphic, it unites to create the true rising ‘underdog’ brand. The reverse of the label shows a lino-cut style illustration with the phrase ‘purely peruvian’ which can be read through the product, to accentuate the clear, distilled quality of the spirit and to flaunt the true Peruvian origins of the drink The bottle shape has a unique fluid equity that sets it apart from other spirit genres, resisting the clichés of neighbouring categories and delivering on its defiant values. The bottle closure uses concrete, which not only creates a seal of quality but also eludes to the unique production method of distilling pisko in vast, concrete tanks.

Designed by Path

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

(via The Dieline)

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Pearlfisher New York has created the new brand strategy, tone of voice, brand identity, and packaging for organic chocolate brand, NibMor. A premium snack brand that does things differently, NibMor was founded by two nutritionists with a love for dark chocolate, eager to share the health benefits of chocolate as part of an active lifestyle. The challenge for NibMor was how to create a cohesive brand message that was enticing to consumers, expressing their healthy point of difference in a desirable way on the crowded confectionary shelf.

Pearlfisher’s redesign and repositioning for NibMor unifies the health benefits of dark chocolate with the personality behind the brand in a dynamic way, creating a whole new visual and verbal language for chocolate. A fluid word mark takes their existing identity from earnest to energetic and reflects the personal touch that NibMor impart into each bar of their chocolate. As portion control is particularly important to NibMor’s food philosophy, Pearlfisher has used a hand as a primary design element that playfully cues the correct portion size for each product in the range. On the back of pack these hands evolve to evoke the personality and vibrancy behind the brand. The result is a new design that is modern, expressive and breaks the traditional category codes of chocolate to be both accessible and indulgent. Lastly, a new and vibrant color palette helps NibMor differentiate itself from competitor confectionary brands.

Tess Wicksteed, Executive Vice President at Pearlfisher New York comments, “We see Nibmor as the future of chocolate: chocolate with substance; fulfilling on many levels – social, personal and environmental. The project was about defining a clear brand idea and then bringing it to life both visually and verbally.” Hamish Campbell, Creative Director at Pearlfisher New York comments, “Our new design for NibMor does away with the idea of guilty pleasure, making NibMor chocolate an everyday indulgence that you can feel good about. We can’t wait to see this brand start to change the market for the better.” (via Lovely Package)

This is such a simple, but yet striking concept and packaging design in my point of view. Love the strong colour coding and the paper used for the packaging.

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In releasing their new underwater, swimmer-friendly MP3 players, Sony and DraftFCB has come up with The Bottled Waterproof Walkman. Showing the waterproof function of the walkman, Sony packaged its sets immersed in a bottle of water – creating a one of a kind marketing and consumer experience. “This simple packaging innovation gave us a unique way to display the product, which instantly demonstrated its benefit. And transformed the humble vending machine into a conversation starter and a distribution channel. Allowing swimmers to buy the product as easily as they’d buy a bottle of water.”

“It lifts your mood, distracts you from fatigue, and is proven to increase your endurance. It’s no wonder MP3 players have become an essential piece of kit for any fitness fanatic. You can barely step foot in a gym without overhearing somebody’s thrash metal playlist. But amidst the cacophony, there is one bastion of silence that remains. The swimming pool. Swimmers have been left to battle on in solitude, with their thoughts their only company. So when Sony briefed us on the W Series Sports Walkman, their first wearable, wire-free, and waterproof mp3 player, it quickly became clear that swimmers were our ideal target. But the challenge was getting the attention of this niche market. ”

“Mass media? Probably not particularly effective in this case. We needed to get it somewhere swimmers couldn’t ignore it, right where they needed it the most. So we hijacked something they’ll find in every fitness centre the world over – vending machines. In order to do this, we placed the product in bottled water, something else every swimmer needs, and in doing so created the perfect product demonstration.” (via The Dieline)

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OlssønBarbieri created a stunning limited edition bottle for Hellstrøm’s Juleaquavit 2013.

“In modern times Christians all over the world celebrates Christmas. It is believed that this date was chosen to offset pagan celebrations of the Winter solstice, occurring in the northern hemisphere during the coldest season of the year. Although winter was regarded as the season of dormancy, darkness and cold, the coming of lighter days after the winter solstice brought on a festive mood. The return of light (life) was a reason to celebrate that Nature’s cycle was continuing. At this time, the animals for slaughter were the fattest, flour had been processed, all the work of autumn was completed, and it was time to celebrate.

Primstav is the ancient Norwegian perpetual calendar stick. These calendars did not disappear after Lutheranism was introduced into Norway, they merely changed their function and became agricultural almanacs, where the signs representing the Catholic saints acquired new meanings, now related to housekeeping and agriculture.

Hellstrøm Christmas Aquavit 2013 reaffirms those symbols loaded with an ancient wisdom in the form of a pattern transmitting both a festive mood and a vast heritage connected to nature, farming, and conviviality.” (via The Dieline)

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Designed by Evelin Toledano, Swedish Sensation is a swedish gourmet brand by the famous female cook Tina Nordström. The designs were inspired by the typical cold snowy Swedish landscapes – giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. (via The Dieline)

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“Norwegian Ambassadør is a premium norwegian vodka, released exclusively in Russia. The design is based on the geometry of the cross within the norwegian flag. This was used to strengthen the link to the brand´s name. The word “Ambassadør” is spelled that way in norwegian and thus gives the brand a unique flair.”

“The concept is based on an honest before/after approach of drinking vodka, without concealing the harsh reality. The consumer can peel off the white paper label on the front of the bottle. After doing so, an inverted black copy of the front label is revealed on an underlying layer. Glancing at the label from the other side of the bottle displays the message “Full Immunity Granted” (when you drink Norwegian Ambassadør). On the reverse side of the label that one peels off the consumer discovers a photo from an after-party with an invite from the ambassadør to participate and engage online by tagging their own party pictures with #norwegianambassador on Instagram.

The site Full Immunity Granted will fetch every photo tagged this way and generate a canvas of Norwegian Ambassadør party pictures from all over Russia. The best pictures will be used on the back of label of the upcoming bottle of Norwegian Ambassadør with a personal greeting from that person. Due to the limited marketing budget, we based our concept on the use of social media to get users to actively participate and engage with the brand. Here we have chosen unconventional methods of promoting the product (with the peel-off label strategy) to generate publicity with a slight element of surprise.” (via The Dieline)

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