Gorgeous Jackye G.


Mr Bo is a lover of South Australia. On his Instagram and his website, he pays tribute to these beautiful landscapes through stunning aerial pictures taken with a drone. Breathtaking compositions that give a great overview on the beauty of our planet. From roads to beaches, photographer offers us wings to discover his country. (via Fubiz)


For eight years, photographer Yann Lecoeur has been traveling Asian countries and capturing its electric colorful streets. As a sound-engineer, the French artist with the “golden ears” is considered very gifted and capable of dissecting any type of sound. A skill he is also using for photography as he can dissect any scenery, its colors, its shapes and its natural light before immortalizing it. (via Fubiz)




New York has one of the most famous metros on the planet. Swiss photographer Willy Spiller captured the NYC subway in the 1980s and named the series “Hell on Wheels”. (via Fubiz)



Japanese photographer Masashi Wakui captures Tokyo’s streets at night, and especially neon lights and the atmosphere that comes from the little back alleys behind the stores. He accentuates the lights and the haze to add a bit of depth to his pictures similar to Blade Runner by Ridley Scott’s aesthetic. (via Fubiz)


Spanish photographer Joel Filipe takes stunning pictures of the Madrid architecture. During foggy weather, his pictures reveals a limitless almost abstract vision of the high rise buildings. (via Fubiz)


Love this.

Self-taught photographer Maik Lipp has created a series of minimalistic photographs entitled Mixed Minimal I and Mixed Minimal II in which he enhances architecture framed with a blue sky background. (via Fubiz)


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