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If the sight of the Pac-Man ghosts doesn’t get your heart rate going ever so slightly, then maybe the music will? It makes my pulse race and my hands get into arcade grip just thinking about it. While we can’t all have the arcade game in our house, perhaps a sophisticated yet cheeky nod to it will do? Designer Chicco Chiari bypassed plastic and any other material you’d associate anything in the 80s with and went straight to Carrara marble when creating this collection of playful ghost lamps called Fantasmini. (via Design Milk)


London-based StolenForm began in 2012 by designer/maker Christian Marsden who found inspiration all around the urban environment from years of walking the city’s streets. Deciding to give things like bricks, manhole covers, and pipes new life, StolenForm turns them into sculptural pieces that also have a function. The industrial-inspired ceramics are slightly quirky, definitely eye-catching, and completely useful making them the perfect conversation piece for your home or as a gift. (via Design Milk)


Just when you think IKEA couldn’t make ANOTHER product to aid in your everyday life, they somehow do, and it’s something you’d never expect them to make – a bicycle. SLADDA, much like the rest of IKEA’s offerings, is low-maintenance and adaptable to your various needs. They didn’t just launch a unisex bicycle, they’ve created a collection of accessories to go with it in hopes of solving your daily transportation needs and to make your life as easy as possible.

SLADDA is equipped with a rust- and oil-free belt drive, automatic gears, and a multifunctional click system for accessories, like front and back racks and bike bags. There’s also a handy trailer to haul heavier loads. On top of that, there are bicycle helmets, a U-lock, and a pump.

SLADDA is available in 26″ or 28″ versions with a retail price of $499. (via DesignMilk and Caroline Williamson)



The ‘Sno Bike’ concept by the studio, Venn Industrial Design Consultancy, enhances their experienced knowledge in bicycle brands, to deliver a product that thrives in snow conditions. Reflecting the designers’ energy, the active ‘z’ form of the tensile frame provides a strong structure that links the rear wheel to the uni-ski-controlling handlebars. with modifications made to the force transmission and its overall weight distribution, the snow bike has an improved power efficiency and handling performance that aids the user’s ride. (via DesignBoom)

VENN-SNO-bike-designboom01 VENN-SNO-bike-designboom02 VENN-SNO-bike-designboom03 VENN-SNO-bike-designboom04 VENN-SNO-bike-designboom05


Suffering from a sinus syndrome, Kenji Ekuan passed away in a Tokyo hospital on monday, february 9th at the age of 85. The japanese creative, whose Kikkoman soy sauce bottle has become an icon, was also responsible for internationally acclaimed designs such as the Yamaha YZ 450 motocross bike, Narita Express N’EX airport train system, and ‘space of dreams’ capsule bed hotel.

Ekuan graduated from the Tokyo National University of fine arts and music in 1955, and went on to establish his office GK industrial design associates in 1957. In 1961, he developed the famous 150mL soy sauce bottle for Kikkoman, whose popularity and practicality remains untarnished, with the idea that ‘design is a source of life enhancement‘ in mind. The condiment vessel has become a table-top staple in homes and restaurants around the world, with its easy to screw-off red cap and dishwasher safe material, making it an object that can be reused and enjoyed endlessly.

Ekuan’s philosophy was that:
‘People’s views on lives, lifestyles and value are aggregated in a form of a product. Industries, technologies and the economy form their power through design, and are able to beautifully delineate many aspects of our lives. Design has always created a relationship between humans and things that have livened our well-being, and stimulated production by providing aspirations for a rich tomorrow.’ Ekuan’s fresh aesthetic and functional sensibilities saw him play an important role in shaping japanese transportation, packaging and logodesign over the years. In 2014, Kenji Ekuan was awarded the prestigious Premio Compasso D’oro for his lifetime contribution to the design and technology sector. (via DesignBoom)

kenji-ekuan-passes-away-soy-sauce-bottle-designboom-01 kenji-ekuan-passes-away-designboom

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